tcl hunt ltd

TCL Hunt is an importer and supplier of high quality building materials. We helped their division, DriStud, obtain CodeMark for seven of their new products. We were able to do this in just five CodeMark certificates which reduced the cost without limiting their scope. TBB also assisted in writing individual Product Technical Statements for each of these products and liaised with TCL Hunt to write the respective installation manuals for all of their DriStud products.

schindler lifts nz ltd

Schindler Lifts NZ designs, manufactures, installs and maintains lifts in New Zealand. It is a branch of the Schindler Group, a multi-national company specializing in internal transport systems. TBB was vital in obtaining a CodeMark certificate that covered all of their obligations under the Building Act. This included their design, installation and manufacturing methods. This was the first in the new breed of hybrid certificates and has resulted in easier specification and reduced compliance barriers.


Dinex is an architectural draughting company. TBB worked with them to redesign their draughting process, with the end result being the first true Design Method CodeMark. This means that all plans and specifications developed using the 'Dinex Method' are now deemed to comply. Not only does this reduce the cost and time taken for a consent to be issued but also provides additional surety to the builders and their customers that the outcome will comply with the NZ Building Code. This certificate is the gold standard for any architectural or draughting company.

junken nz ltd (jnl)

An experienced builder bemoaned to JNL that H3.2 J-Framing was no longer available. Confusion in the market around the relevant standards and applicability of H3.2 to LVL timber had caused concern to JNL and so they asked TBB to help out. We suggested that an application for a specific type of determination be made. The result being that H3 J-Frame may now be used where H3.2 or less applies. MBIE established that H3 and H3.2 are essentially the same and so H3 can now be used by builders with confidence that it will deliver the expected durability.