Supplier and Manufacturer Tool Box

Product and System Technical Statements

Product and System Technical Statements (PTS/STS) enable a supplier or manufacturer to demonstrate that their product is fit for its intended purpose and will meet all relevant provisions of the New Zealand Building Code. We work with our clients to help them develop a clear, unambiguous and technically correct PTS or STS.

A good quality PTS/STS will be relied upon by BCA when issuing a building consent. This can make the job for a designer much simpler and so a product that comes with a technical statement is often the chosen product to specify.


Codemark is a third party product certification and must be accepted by a building consent authority as evidence of compliance, provided all conditions of the certificate are met. For more information on this visit the Codemark page under the ‘What We Do’ tab.

Organisation focused solutions

Over the years we have found many clients benefit from an organisation focused solution that uses quality management principles, the regulatory framework, and robust technical evidence to ensure that the company operates and “talks” in a manner that demonstrates professionalism and knowledge of the building regulatory framework. This helps the company to minimise compliance costs and provide additional assurance to their customers.


Determinations come in two forms. The first and most common type of determination relates to a decision made by a council. These determinations are site specific and aim to review their decision.

A more unusual, put potentially more valuable, determination is one that answers the question, "whether or not particular matters comply with the building code". These determinations are not site specific and can be a very powerful tool for getting an innovative product into the market. Whilst they do not have the flexibility or longevity of Codemark, they are cost and time effective.

We have been involved with all aspects of determinations since 2003, including applying for determinations and being part of the determinations writing panel.