smart documents


At a minimum, all suppliers need to document:

  • A statement of compliance

  • Information to be used by a designer

  • Information to be used by an installer

  • Information to be used by a building owner

  • A warranty

And to maximise the benefit to your business, the documents should be clearly branded. We provide an end-to-end service to create high-class digital or hard-copy documents.



A pass™ is a Product Assurance Supplier Statement.

Used by designers and specifiers, the pass™ is exclusive to TBB and one of the most practically important documents we create.

A pass™ makes a clear, rigorous statement that your product complies with all the necessary regulations and legislation. It also summarises your product’s purpose, the scope of its use and any limitations.


design &
installation guide

The design and installation guide we create for you ensures suppliers have all the information they need to correctly specify and install your product.

Once your guide is complete every supplier can refer to it. So you save time and money on project-specific advice.

Plus, the industry quickly notices any products or systems that prove easy to specify and install.

product / system specification

A short, more technical document to support a building consent application.

Working seamlessly with the design and installation guide, the specification ensures your product or system (and any additional components) are correctly supplied and installed.

A well-crafted bespoke specification can save your business time and money. 

product / system warranty

Whether or not you have a documented warranty for your product, by law it exists.

So we’ll help you create a written warranty, which clearly signals to the market you can be trusted as a business/supplier.

care &
maintenance guide

Nearly every building product needs maintenance to get the best from it. This guide sets out what a building owner should – and shouldn’t – do to maximise your product’s performance.

DIY and home builder guide

If you sell to building merchants, we recommend you also create a home-builder / DIY document.  It’s an effective and simple way to provide customers with the at-a-glance details they need to choose the right product and install it correctly.