Codemark is a third party product certification and must be accepted by a building consent authority as evidence of compliance, provided all conditions of the certificate are met. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality and focus on performance. Codemark combines evidence of performance with a quality management approach.

Codemark is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. Here is our explanation of the different types of Codemark available.

A Building Design Codemark can cover the instructions that are used onsite to carry out construction including plans and specifications. It provides additional assurance that if the construction or installation is carried out according to the certificate it will meet the Building Code.

A Building Materials Codemark is the traditional “product” certificate. It provides robust evidence that the product is fit for the intended purpose, as documented on the certificate.

A Building Method Codemark demonstrates that the building work/construction carried out in a factory setting will deliver a quality, code compliant outcome. This type of Codemark is ideal for truss manufacturers, window manufacturers and prefabricated builders. It removes the need for a building consent.

A Method of Construction Codemark covers all construction work carried out onsite. It is perfect for the quality driven construction company. The company determines how “compliance with consent” is established. BCA driven inspection regimes and third party reviews no longer become compulsory, and enable effective project management. It is not self-certification but is a good option for the professional construction company.

And then there are hybrid certificates – a combination of any or all of the above.

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